We at Hotel Honnoji, through accurately grasping the changing needs of the times and society and creating and providing products and services for those times, strive to propose a new style of life to contribute to the realization of a society with mental richness.

We may use your personal information in order to offer products and services that will provide further satisfaction.

We believe that we must handle your personal information carefully, recognize that personal information is important information that relates to privacy, and properly protect personal information and use it in accordance with your intentions.

1. Applicable Personal Information

This privacy policy covers all personal information handled by Hotel Honnoji.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with relevant laws, ordinances, and guidelines when handling personal information.

3. Internal Systems

We have established departments that promote activities to protect personal information and have managers in each department to maintain internal personal information management systems.

4. Use of Personal Information

Regarding the use of personal information, it will be handled within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of its use, and that purpose shall be made clear.

5. Collection of Personal Information

Personal information shall be collected in a legal and appropriate manner.

6. Ensuring Accuracy

Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that the personal information we handle is accurate and up-to-date.

7. Ensuring Safety

Necessary and appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure safe management of personal information in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

8. Supervision of Outsourcing

If we entrust the handling of personal information, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision so that the entrustee can ensure its safe management.

9. Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information

Regarding inquiries and corrections of the personal information of the concerned party, we will respond appropriately in accordance with the procedures established for the pertaining personal information.

10. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Inquiries regarding personal information will be accepted by the contact person in charge of handling personal information.

11. Continuous Improvement

Regular audits are carried out and internal rules and systems are continuously reviewed and improved in order to ensure that personal information is properly protected.